GODZILLA panel video and exclusive poster from Comic-Con

Director Gareth Edwards had some very encouraging comments about his GODZILLA film at the Comic-Con panel this weekend, stating “We worked very closely with Toho .  .  . and it was always our intention that this feel part of the Toho legacy.”  Edwards has plenty more to say on the subject, while avoiding forbidden spoilers, including a humorous story about two Canadian immigration officers who gave the director their own list of “must sees” in his GODZILLA film. The video is worth watching for Bryan Cranston alone, who should help push this film over the top with his performance, great sense of humor and personality — oh, he’s been a Godzilla fan since he was a kid, too. With Cranston starring and Edwards’ track record with the excellent MONSTERS from 2010, GODZILLA remains one of FilmEdge’s most highly anticipated films of 2014.

Also, get a download of this exclusive Comic-Con poster for GODZILLA:

Exclusive Comic-Con GODZILLA teaser poster

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