New GODZILLA Comic-Con poster preview and viral event reveal

New GODZILLA poster that will debut at Comic-Con this weekAs Comic-Con draws closer to opening, so does GODZILLA apparently as a pair of pre-con reveals surfaced today:

First, IGN debuted an exclusive GODZILLA poster design that will premiere at Comic-Con later this week — a rather nifty design showing Godzilla’s profile as made up by a crushed skyline of building debris set against an angry red sky. Click the image to the left to view and download a preview image of this poster.

Meanwhile, completed their viral reveal with an animated graphic detecting a radiation surge as Godzilla nears Comic-Con in San Diego. But the pinging meter needle wasn’t the only graphic in motion. Very briefly, the URL would flash a near-subliminal message that revealed a hidden URL:

A hidden URL at viral site leads attendees to a ticketed fan event during Comic-Con this week

Clicking that link will lead Comic-Con badge holders to get tickets to the exclusive event… if they enter the secret password to obtain them. As FilmEdge has encouraged since this viral site began, sharp-eyed fans will have collected the red letters in previous viral update stories to spell SERIZAWA. GODZILLA fans will quickly recognize that as the name of Dr. Daisuke Serizawa, played by Akihiko Hirata in Ishiro Honda’s original and classic GOJIRA in 1954. Enter that code at the ticketing URL to choose your date to experience your own Godzilla Encounter during Comic-Con this week!

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