GODZILLA Goes Viral with new Legendary website

Legendary has launched a new viral site for Gareth Edwards’ GODZILLA movie at GodzillaEncounter.com. Here’s an image from one of the ‘breaking news stories’ setting up a viral backstory for the campaign:

Image from Legendary's viral website for GODZILLA (2014)

Note the red letters embedded into the news headlines and start tracking them for a code. If you’re an ARG player, get in on the ground floor now and you have until May 16, 2014 to follow this viral site and decipher the clues they’ll be laying out like Godzilla’s own claw tracks for the next ten months.

If you’re attending Comic-Con, be sure to sit in on Warner Brothers/Legendary’s panel previewing GODZILLA in Hall H on Saturday 10:45am – 1:15pm. Below, click on the image to view and download the GODZILLA teaser poster.

GODZILLA (2014) teaser poster from Legendary


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