THE WALKING DEAD and SILENT HILL haunt Universal this Halloween?

Deadline reported that Universal will announce two maze themes for Halloween Horror Nights 2012 today at Comic Con: both Hollywood and Orlando parks will be overrun by zombies with THE WALKING DEAD and take you on a tour of SILENT HILL. If this report holds true, this will be Universal’s first time adapting a video game property for HHN on either coast for their annual Halloween event.

It appears that HHN Creative Director John Murdy is on his way to Comic Con right now to make Universal’s expected announcement today, based on his latest tweet @HorrorNights:

Now I’m in a car, being driven somewhere. The driver won’t tell me where we’re going.How did I get here? (To be continued)

The Comic Con banner for Season 3 of THE WALKING DEAD

Both maze themes would double as promotional gigs for their intellectual properties: THE WALKING DEAD returns for its third season on AMC October 14th, while SILENT HILL: REVELATION 3D pops into theaters October 26th and the latest video game version Silent Hill: Book Of Memories hits shelves sometime the same month.

I’m a little surprised to see SILENT HILL on the list since earlier in the year as Murdy ran his maze theme ‘guessing game’ with fans on Twitter said that video game titles didn’t test so well on the 2011 post-HNN survey. But given the promotional opportunities available for the game and film franchise, SILENT HILL may have been too juicy (and foggy and terrifying) to pass up.

THE WALKING DEAD is a natural fit for HHN and it’s a property that’s long been discussed, if not wished for, by HHN devotees since it’s 2010 cable debut. Expect a lot of gut-wrenching, brain-devouring horror in the series’ edgy style, especially if Murdy and his makeup crew get access to Greg Nicotero‘s zombie character designs. Let’s hope the maze theme isn’t asking guests to constantly shove Carl back into the house before he gets them killed!

Stay tuned for updates from Comic Con and future maze theme confirmations. Watch THE WALKING DEAD Season 3 trailer:


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