DARK SHADOWS review: Tim Burton stumbles with all funk and no fang

FilmEdge was looking forward to seeing just how Tim Burton and star Johnny Depp, two reported devotees of the 1960s Gothic soap opera, would update and expand upon the melodramatic mystery of DARK SHADOWS. Even the Superfly-soundtracked trailer didn’t throw us off completely, even if it threw a curve ball directly past our expectations. What we didn’t expect was one of Burton’s weakest films to date, a grand visual feast cramped by an inattentive, bland script. There are some bright points in this fang-out-of-water tale thanks to Depp’s subtle performance touches (nods to Jonathan Frid’s original Barnabas abound) and Danny Elfman‘s superb score, but the question remains can the actor’s likability alone pump enough box office blood into the film to make it a hit in the wake of Marvel’s THE AVENGERS?

Find out in FlimEdge’s review of DARK SHADOWS.

Johnny Depp arises as Barnabas Collins to restore his family honor in DARK SHADOWS


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