New SKYFALL videoblog on 007 production designer Dennis Gassner just published a late-night videoblog debut for us Bond fans in the U.S., this time featuring SKYFALL‘s production designer Dennis Gassner. The Oscar-winning designer takes viewers inside his artistic world where he must turn set sketches into construction plans and ultimately full-size sets on the 007 soundstage in England and even locations around the globe.

Watch for comments by actress Judi Dench who plays Bond’s MI-6 boss M and who says she once trained as a set and costume designer early in her stage career. You’ll also see many shots of the underground set which appears to be the makeshift headquarters for the British Intelligence unit after MI-6 headquarters are attacked by the film’s villain Silva, played by Javier Bardem. Also shown is star Daniel Craig as Bond making his way through a reflective glass maze in Shanghai . . . or is that another of Gassner’s brilliant set designs?  See for yourself in this new Bond production videoblog.

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