Breaking News: reported WOLVERINE poster is fan made, Instragram fooled


WOLVERINE teaser poster revealed as fanmade -

WOLVERINE teaser poster revealed as a clever fan creation with a legit GPS tag. has learned from a reliable source that the WOLVERINE teaser poster currently making the rounds online is indeed a fan-made fake, if affectionately so. Screen Rant broke the first half of this poster story yesterday and published an image of the supposed teaser art (right).

Our source reports that the fan, who wishes to remain anonymous, created the ‘Rising Soon’ poster as an early April Fool’s prank but also as a product of his great enthusiasm for Fox’s Wolverine origin story starring Hugh Jackman. It’s worth noting that the fan poster was convincing enough to garner plenty of movie site attention and reader traffic — which might please to Fox to see such early enthusiasm for the title.

While sites and fans praised the simple layout and 1980s-style design (coinciding with the inception of Wolverine’s story arc in Japan), the hook in this revelation was the Instagram GPS tag that put the bullseye at director James Mangold‘s production office. Our source reveals that the poster artist got his artwork close enough to the office and snapped his photo there to get the desired, legitimate geo-location. This is also why the folks at ScreenRant had to ‘straighten out’ the poster image a bit since the original photo was taken hastily. Note: the poster’s author has now removed the image from Instragram that most articles linked to earlier in the story cycle.

The apparent result of this Adamantium-based fan foolery: no harm, no foul and good reason for Wolverine to retract his claws until an official teaser poster springs forth from Fox down the road. THE WOLVERINE opens in theaters July 26, 2013.

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