PROMETHEUS live chat with Ridley Scott starts 4pm PT

An abundance of viral and publicity developments rolled out today for Ridley Scott‘s PROMETHEUS:

At 4pm PT/7pm ET, director Ridley Scott and co-screenwriter Damon Lindelof will debut the full PROMETHEUS trailer at a Q&A session at AMC’s Downtown Disney event that fans can also watch live streaming online thanks to AMC, Twitter and Facebook.

Earlier at this weekend’s WonderCon event in Anaheim, California, Scott and Damon Lindelof spoke to the WonderCon crowd at Fox’s panel promoting PROMETHEUS and revealing some exclusive footage. Attending fans were also given a futuristic Weyland Industries business card with the company URL and a mobile phone number code: **WEYLAND. Dial the numbers for that code and Weyland will send you a text message with a URL to view a new viral video along with various advertisements for Weyland products which are rather nifty. The viral video reveals the genesis of Michael Fassbender’s character for the film and his connection to Weyland Industries’ newest innovations.

More viral campaign advancements today in the form of a new Weyland website: Project Prometheus. Also a one-minute IMAX trailer for PROMETHEUS was revealed and has made its way to YouTube.

This morning Yahoo UK began their live online chat session with stars Michael Fassbender and Charlize Theron who answered fan questions and discussed aspects of the arduous filming demands, details about their characters and hints about what audiences will see in the final film this June.


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