Deciphered code reveals hidden PROMETHEUS hi-res image

Today yielded a somewhat mysterious advance in the viral campaign for Ridley Scott‘s PROMETHEUS: an ARG enthusiast and cryptologist Steve Kidd (@MOVIELORD101 on your Twitter dial) somehow deciphered a code on the Weyland Industries viral site which pointed to a hidden photo on the domain. We still have no clue exactly which hidden code he deciphered on the page nor how he discovered it, but the solution results in a secret URL on the Weyland site. Fans will recognize this hi-res photo as a still from a scene that appeared in the PROMETHEUS Trailer #1: one of the astronauts standing inside the presumed holographic galaxy map technology inside the Space Jockey species’ ship, as FilmEdge speculated last December. Jump this link to view the full-size image and discover the hidden page URL.

View the hi-res PROMETHEUS image and hidden viral page on


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