‘Investors’ wanted by Weyland Industries for PROMETHEUS viral campaign

The viral campaign for Ridley Scott’s PROMETHEUS took another step forward at the official Weyland Industries website today. Hinted at when the viral site first debuted last week, the future (and fictitious) corporation announced it’s now seeking investors to fulfill Peter Weyland’s technological ambitions. A data module featuring a wicked cool photo of a human fingerprint with the Weyland logo at the center states:

Weyland engineers have been working around the clock to bring you the newest, most advanced addition to the Weyland family. Stay tuned for a special announcement.

Fans who want to “invest” in the viral ARG for PROMETHEUS may register their name and email contact on the site as prospective Weyland Industries supporters. FilmEdge has registered and a few hours later we got a confirmation/thanks email from 20th Century Fox stating our account has been created. Nothing from in-game yet, but the ARG response may not be ready to send immediately so be patient.

Register at the PROMETHEUS viral website to 'invest' in Weyland Industries


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