New viral site caught in web debut of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN theatrical trailer

Click to visit the new AMAZING SPIDER-MAN viral website, markofthespider-man.comSharp-eyed viewers who ran a frame-by-frame pace through the new AMAZING SPIDER-MAN theatrical trailer early this morning spotted the hidden URL of a new viral website for the film: There’s not much on the viral site yet save for six video feeds of static and Spidey’s iconic red mark which appears as a calling card by Peter Parker’s alter-ego in the film (can you say arachnid-signal, Batman?).

Meanwhile fan reaction to the new trailer seems mixed but positive so far, with Andrew Garfield earning some confidence for his portrayal of Parker/Spidey. The trailer is certainly packed with action and some humor, though FilmEdge feels it borrows a little too much from THE DARK KNIGHT’s story beats to be a truly original take on the Spider-Man saga: the Spidey Sign, Denis Leary‘s George Stacy issuing a warrant for the arrest of the masked vigilante, Parker’s battle with his secret superhero identity… it all sounds very familiar, though presumably AMAZING SPIDER-MAN is being rebooted specifically for the post-DARK KNIGHT era of superhero films, shying away from Sam Raimi’s more humorous, lighter Spidey fare. Emma Stone could make an interesting Gwen Stacy and certainly provides a contrast in tone to Kirsten Dunst’s Mary Jane from the Raimi era.

Watch the new trailer below and judge for yourself… are your senses tingling yet?


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