PROMETHEUS official trailer leaked? An unofficial description

UPDATE 12.21.11: developments since last night’s publication of this article indicate that the trailer description below may be accurate if not quite a shot-for-shot rundown of the PROMETHEUS trailer, debuting online this Thursday.

It is possible that a contraband video of the first full trailer for Ridley Scott‘s upcoming sci-fi epic PROMETHEUS has surfaced, and what follows might be a possible description and on-the-fly analysis of that trailer expected to officially debut on iTunes this Thursday. Everything described below by an observer is not official and remains speculative until the actual trailer can be viewed:

Crew members talking on radios, possibly in distress, including a phrase like “our (something) was so wrong” and another voice replying, “I’m so sorry.” Whatever the dialogue is the speakers don’t sound too happy about it.

The spaceship with it’s glowing engine pods on long arms appears in orbit over a planet, which is a desolate, stormy wasteland. Could this be an earlier stage of LV 426?

Shots of the interior of the human ship now on the planet follow including the shot of the astronauts walking on the deck while a flame bursts along the deck behind them, as seen in the previews of the trailer.

The title Prometheus is slowly appearing line by line on screen just like Alien did in the opening of that film. Loud “pings” of sound effects from the Alien trailer go with the shots.

A series of quick shots, mostly in the dark, are next and are indescribable in detail: an astronaut walking in the dark scanning around with a flashlight — possibly inside the “jar” room like on the Prometheus poster.

Astronaut in pressure suit helmet grabbing their clear helmet bubble which had acid sprayed from the video previews. Can’t see who this is.

Another shot which resembles a med bay with someone in hospital ‘blues’ standing next to an exam table, something’s on the table. Shots dissolve over another and there’s a sense that weird energy bolts or probes are flying past someone in a pressure suit.

Two easier shots to describe: first the moment when Michael Fassbender is pulling those slimy objects out of a tube container and a shot of Charlize Theron running down the ship corridor, which looks like the white “padded” walls of the Nostromo, only newer looking.

Next is something odd that looks something like a huge disc-shaped object floating over giant waterfalls. No idea what this is!  Maybe something is rising out of a hole under the water, and the waterfalls are the water falling down into the hole made by the ship?

The crew firing pistols at something aboard the ship and one astronaut still in their pressure suit helmet (a female) is screaming or crying. A shot of one astronaut/person falling on their knees.

A quick shot of what’s gotta be the Space Jockey from Alien with the chair and upward pointing device (telescope/weapon/whatever) in that round Giger chamber like the paintings.

Judging from Ridley Scott’s comments about PROMETHEUS, one of this central questions to be explored is who were the Space Jockey race and what happened to them?  It looks like humans are going to find out!

The shot of Idris Elba staring at something with his mouth open. He looks pretty scared by whatever he sees.

The shot of the astronaut getting blown into the air by the ‘sandstorm’ shown at Comic Con.

Things stop for a second then get very interesting very fast as the title finishes itself:

A woman’s face, viewed upside down, yells “Please!”  Next an astronaut looks up at a giant structure, followed by a high shot above what look like two towers on the planet with astronauts far below. This *looks like* it’s the ruined ship the Nostromo crew found on LV 426 but it’s standing up on-end, with the two arms pointing upward to the sky.  And then it falls over onto the ground as astronaut(s) run away from the falling debris. There are lot of fires or burning stuff scattered across ground as it falls — did the humans blow it up?  Whatever happens, something is causing the derelict ship from Alien to fall over onto the planet surface where Kane finds it “laying down” later in Alien.

While it would certainly end the trailer with a big WOW factor, FilmEdge isn’t sure the derelict ship “tipping over” makes much sense, since it didn’t appear to be that damaged when seen by Kane and Dallas in ALIEN. Also, the “arms” of the ship hung out high in the air above the Nostromo crew, they weren’t laying on the ground as described above when “falling down” or “crashing down” around astronauts on the surface.  The Space Jockey ship would seem an ungainly thing to land on-end, at any rate!  But if this towering structure is the Space Jockey ship, that means that Theron/Fassbender/Rapace and all apparently land on Acheron/LV 426 years before the Space Jockey gets fossilized and found in ALIEN.

FilmEdge says again that the entire description above is speculative to say the least, and the word pictures given may well add conjecture that could easily be contradicted or better interpreted when the official PROMETHEUS trailer debuts online Thursday.  Take this all with a giant grain of salt until then. We’ll find out in a day or so what the true trailer contains, and as life-long fans of Ridley Scott’s work and ALIEN, we can hardly wait to see it!


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