Preview world premiere trailer for Ridley Scott’s PROMETHEUS in HD quality

The secrecy surrounding Ridley Scott‘s upcoming spacefaring epic PROMETHEUS is beginning to crack with an increase in publicity photos and info, and this week the dam really breaks as Fox has released a video preview of the PROMETHEUS trailer which makes its world premiere bow on iTunes this Thursday.  It’s a teaser of a teaser for the film, but even so the images and clips shown look highly intriguing if not outright compelling. While Scott claims the terrifying xenomorph monster from ALIEN will not appear in this new film, PROMETHEUS does exist in the same universe as it explores (in some capacity) the origins of the “Space Jockey” race of creatures first seen as a fossilized skeleton in Scott’s 1979 gothic sci-fi thriller.

Click below to watch the new PROMETHEUS trailer preview in 480p HD quality on, and explore our high-res photo gallery of the film and more.

Click to watch the PROMETHEUS trailer preview in 480p HD video on

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