DVD Review: get Cinematic Titanic’s latest laughs in WAR OF THE INSECTS

FilmEdge reviews the hilarious Cinematic Titanic Live: WAR OF THE INSECTSIf life is bugging you and you need 85 minutes of hilarity, Cinematic Titanic is about to drop an H-bomb of laughs on you as they riff live to WAR OF THE INSECTS. This inane, incomprehensible Japanese mini-monster flick from 1968 depicts an improbable insect war against humans who are spoiling the environment with all their nuclear bombs and whatnot. Appearing alongside the film and riffing in real-time, the Titans Joel Hodgson, Trace Beaulieu, Frank Conniff, Mary Jo Pehl and J. Elvis Weinstein sink their mandibles into this inane, poorly dubbed movie. The rapid-fire punchlines delivered while spoofing this buggy flick results in one of Cinematic Titanic’s best DVDs yet.

This brilliantly awful film provides a feast of riffing material from start to finish, mocking everything from the goofy stock footage of bugs “attacking” humans to the Hitler-moustached bartender. Rapid fire pop culture references to dirty Twitter messages, Neil Young, the Flipper theme song and Michelle Bachmann create an unending supply of belly laughs that makes WAR OF THE INSECTS one of the Titans’ very best.


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