Operation Early Bird reveals DARK KNIGHT RISES prologue sneaks Dec. 13

For those following the viral web campaign (or not) for THE DARK KNIGHT RISES, the countdown ended to reveal the purpose of Operation Early Bird: a map listing locations where the 6-minute IMAX prologue for THE DARK KNIGHT RISES will get an early screening on December 13th in select theaters.

Unfortunately so many fans are trying to access the map that they’re locking themselves out of viewing by overwhelming Warner Brothers’ web server for OperationEarlyBird.com. Until Batfans calm down, you’ll get redirected to a generic WB landing page referring to the main WB or Harry Potter websites.

If you could access the map, you would find these cities and theaters located around the U.S. which will screen the DKR IMAX prologue at 10pm on the 13th, and clicking on a city would redirect you to gofobo.com with information to buy tickets:

  • Los Angeles – Citywalk Stadium 19 + IMAX
  • Irvine – Irvine Spectrum 20 + IMAX
  • Cathedral City – Desert IMAX Theater
  • San Francisco – AMC IMAX Theater Metreon
  • Austin – IMAX Theater Austin
  • Council Bluffs, Iowa – Star Cinema 16 with IMAX
  • Chicago – Navy Pier IMAX Theater
  • Nashville – Opry Mills Stadium 20 + IMAX
  • Birmingham – McWane IMAX, Birmingham
  • Pittsburgh – Rangos IMAX
  • Philadelphia – Tuttleman IMAX – Franklin Institute
  • New York – Lincoln Square 12 with IMAX
  • Norwalk, Conneticut – Maritime IMAX, Norwalk
  • Natick, Massachusetts – Jordan’s Furniture IMAX
  • Boston – Simons IMAX (New England Aquarium)
  • Reading, Massachusetts – IMAX 3D Theater in Reading
  • Fort Lauderdale – AutoNation IMAX
  • Tampa – IMAX Dome Theater

Sadly, this massive web traffic jam will likely indicate tickets will sell out quickly — assuming fans can get into the site to buy them — so by the time you can read the map, you may not have a chance to purchase tickets.

Never fear, as FilmEdge reported over a week ago, you can still see THE DARK KNIGHT RISES prologue with Paramount’s MISSION:IMPOSSIBLE – GHOST PROTOCOL, which opens early in select IMAX theaters on December 16th, a full five days before its wide release on the 21st.


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