Who wants to ride a TRON-styled ten-speed bike? Now you can

Bike riders and TRON fans, check out this cool video of a product called Revolights, a string of LEDs “programmed to detect your speed and blink on as they pass the front or rear of the bicycle” according to the official website.

Glowing lightcycles race through the game grid in TRON:LEGACY

As you’ll see in the video below, two magnetic hoops with 12 LED lights attach to front and back wheels of your bike, powered by lithium-ion batters that can be charged via USB. Another fork-mounted magnet provides wheel speed data to the hoops, and programming only illuminates the LEDs while oriented at the front or rear of the bike wheels as you ride.

This is pretty frakkin’ awesome, and your glowing TRON-like wheels will also enhance your visibility to nighttime drivers so it’s a safety bonus too.  Check ’em out, users!


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