Day 10 of SKYFALL filming reveals new glimpse of the ‘desk set’

Camera slate marks day 10 of production on SKYFALL - another day at the secret officeToday the official 007 James Bond Facebook page posted a new photo from SKYFALL‘s production: another camera slate on an interior set which looks like a rather spartan-looking office location or perhaps secret headquarters in the field somewhere. It’s definitely not M’s office at MI6, that’s for sure. Some details and speculation to be divined from this photo:

This slate marks take 1 of scene 53G (whatever that entails), and the scene occurs at night amid this interior set.

The set appears to be part of some underground (literally or figuratively) office or organizational space, dressed more for function than comfort. Note the monochromatic color scheme of this set, dominated by black desks with the few accessories visible in white, gray or metallic values. The desk chairs look minimally functional and comfortable.

This office space, for lack of a better term, also appears to be bought off-the-rack: the two chairs look identical, as do the metal flex lamps, and like the dimly lit desk in the background matches these closely. The pattern in the floor indicates it might be cement rather than some bland, industrial carpeting. It’s impossible to tell if the rubber mat cable cover on the floor is there for cast/crew safety or is also part of the set dressing (saving the characters from tripping on cabling), but it also implies power/comm cables have been hastily run across the floor, perhaps signaling this is an improvised office space. The exposed brick walls (which could also be load-bearing columns in a basement foundation space) would afford no way to wire such an office inside the walls. The brick walls/columns also implies this is an older building, perhaps either an abandoned structure which has been taken over or maybe just an existing building that has been repurposed for some office use.

There appears to be a closed laptop computer and a phone on the closest side of the desk, but not much paperwork is visible on any of the desks. This might also imply that either total neat freaks work in this space, or people haven’t occupied it for long (since no storage cabinets are shown to store any documents or secure anything top-secret).

Lastly, the slate indicates that cinematographer Roger Deakins is shooting SKYFALL on 35mm film and not a digital camera, which should help preserve the gritty, textured look employed in the previous two Bond films starring Daniel Craig.

This new photo offers a few tantalizing clues but no doubt it conceals more facts than it reveals, but it’s a good landmark for the 10th day of production on SKYFALL. Check in regularly at FilmEdge’s SKYFALL BASE for more Bond updates as they happen.


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