Speculation on the return of Moneypenny via Naomie Harris in SKYFALL

If Naomie Harris joins SKYFALL as Miss Moneypenny, it's a radical shift in Bond film historySince actress Naomie Harris was first associated in casting reports for SKYFALL this summer, rumors have persisted that she was being considered for the role of Moneypenny, who disappeared from the 007 film series when Daniel Craig took over as James Bond. Current news articles about the upcoming 23rd Bond movie continue to tout Moneypenny as the character Harris is destined to portray despite some potentially contradictory evidence.

With interview quotes from Naomie Harris about training for her undisclosed character, is there room for Moneypenny in the 21st century era of Bond cinema? Read FilmEdge’s speculative article examining the evidence which seems to contradict the return of Miss Moneypenny, and what those facts mean about the future of the character looking ahead in the franchise.

Lois Maxwell's Moneypenny flirts with Sean Connery's 007 per a Bond tradition past its time?


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