JURASSIC PARK Ultimate Trilogy makes (pre)history on Blu-ray

FilmEdge reviews JURASSIC PARK Ultimate Trilogy on Blu-rayA lifelike, man-eating Tyrannosaurus Rex wasn’t the only thing shaking the ground when Steven Spielberg‘s JURASSIC PARK stomped into theaters in 1993. His thriller forever changed the future of modern filmmaking, allowing imagination to become image. Two sequels solidified JURASSIC PARK’s lasting impact on adventure movies. Universal’s new JURASSIC PARK Ultimate Trilogy Blu-ray collection finally shows off the trio’s historic legacy in home theaters by paying homage to its digital wonders as boldly as its dramatic appeal that’s lasted two decades and counting. Read FilmEdge’s disc-by-disc review of this Blu-ray set including expanded reviews of the new and archival bonus features for each film.


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