Review: THE THING prequel has horror scares but lacks humanity

Like a chilling jigsaw puzzle pieced together in a frozen wasteland, director Matthijs van Heijningen‘s prequel THE THING fits cleverly into the pattern established by John Carpenter‘s cult classic of the same name which terrified audiences in 1982. This elegy about the ill-fated Norwegian science team which first digs the alien creature out of the Antarctic ice literally ties directly into Carpenter’s horror shocker. What it lacks in originality is made up for in skin-stretching, bone-breaking creature attacks which stand up well to its predecessor but lack the surprise of the unknown.

THE THING delivers plenty of shocks and gotcha moments to get audiences jumping, but a shortage of character development hampers the human dramatic tension which fueled the 1982 original palpable tension. Heijningen’s undercurrent of paranoia, a hallmark of John W. Campbell‘s original 1938 novella, bubbles but never boils over to elevate this prequel to true horror heights on its own merits. Read FilmEdge’s full movie review online now.

FilmEdge reviews the sci-fi horror prequel THE THING


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