Review: Sink your teeth into THE WALKING DEAD Season 1 Special Edition

FilmEdge reviews THE WALKING DEAD Season One Special Edition on Blu-rayWith Season Two of the groundbreaking, flattening horror series soon to debut on AMC and Halloween lurking ahead on the calendar, FilmEdge highly recommends THE WALKING DEAD: THE COMPLETE FIRST SEASON 3-Disc Special Edition on high-definition Blu-ray to get your seasonal scares and a gut full of expanded bonus features worth the wait.

Ghoulishly delightful as the 2-Disc Blu-ray edition of THE WALKING DEAD was this spring (see our review) hardcore fans of the series and zombie enthusiasts in general no doubt felt that first release lacked chewable meat on its bones. The series’ short, six-episode debut season barely occupied two Blu discs even in hi-def, and the handful of bonus features, though solidly produced, only whet viewers’ appetites for more insights into the creation of this edgy cable phenom.

Hunger no more, flesh eaters! This 3-disc WALKING DEAD Special Edition release is a beautiful banquet for fans and horror aficionados alike that should be devoured this Halloween. Read our complete Blu-ray review on FilmEdge and watch the debut of THE WALKING DEAD Season Two this Sunday, October 16th on AMC.

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