Creepy, violent new Red Band trailer for THE THING

IGN got the exclusive debut duty for the new Red Band (i.e. violent, bloody) trailer for Universal’s upcoming sci-fi/horror thriller THE THING, starring Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Joel Edgerton. You’ll get plenty of new and disturbing glimpses at this shapeshifting creature and some particularly nasty things it does to its victims trapped with it in an Antarctic science outpost. If you’re squeamish or upset by sci-fi violence, don’t jump the link to to watch this trailer — fair warning!

Watch THE THING red band trailer on

Matthijs van Heijningen Jr. direct THE THING, a prequel to John Carpenter‘s 1982 classic of the same name, which will assimilate theaters October 14th.

FilmEdge welcomes fans of THE THING to check out our preview of Halloween Horror Nights 2011 at Universal Studios Hollywood, which debuts a new haunted attraction maze based on THE THING prequel film. HHN fans will get the first, up-close looks at the all-new creature designs from the 2011 film weeks before it’s released on the big screen.

Don’t miss our exclusive video interview with HHN creative director John Murdy, who also gives us the scoop on many elements in THE THING: ASSIMILATION maze before the event opens this Friday.

FilmEdge will post our preview look/review of Halloween Horror Nights 2011 later this week, so subscribe to the FilmEdge blog to get first notice when we publish.

2 thoughts on “Creepy, violent new Red Band trailer for THE THING

    • Your skepticism is understandable, but it’s not yet certain (to me) if this prequel merits it. Of course this 2011 film will bear strong resemblances to Carpenter’s 1982 original because every aspect of its story in the Norwegian outpost must fit into Carpenter’s already-known backstory of their disastrous encounter with the Thing. All reports I’ve seen indicate that the filmmakers of the prequel are very faithful to Carpenter’s story and style so the two films should (could) mesh together seamlessly. This remains to be seen, of course, but I’m giving the benefit of the doubt until the prequel proves otherwise. Thanks for reading along and appreciate your contribution to the topic, CMrok.

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