USH Halloween Horror Nights 2011 exclusive interview with John Murdy

In FilmEdge’s second video on last week’s Halloween Horror Nights 2011 preview event, here is our exclusive interview with creative director John Murdy at Universal Studios Hollywood.

Murdy’s unleashed enthusiasm for HHN is rampant this season, as you can tell from the great details he shared on the six headline mazes this year and Universal’s signature Terror Tram tour of the studio’s historic backlot.

We got Murdy to confirm that HHN fans will enjoy chills with their thrills in THE THING: ASSIMILATION maze as Uni will refrigerate the entire maze with two five-ton AC units, as we hoped he would in FilmEdge’s ongoing maze previews.  Based on the upcoming prequel film in theaters October 14th, Murdy is very excited about how unique this maze is in HHN’s 2011 lineup, mixing feature film-quality creature effects with sets inspired directly from the film.

Murdy, a lifelong fan of shock rocker Alice Cooper, expresses his professional and personal joy adapting Cooper’s landmark albums and concert stage characters into “a living horror film” as you step into Alice’s nightmare of musical mayhem.

There will be no shortage of gore at HHN 2011 with Universal inviting horror filmmaker Eli Roth to adapt his torture-iffic franchise into the new HOSTEL: HUNTING SEASON maze. Listen as Murdy describes how he and Roth would attempt to out-gross each other with bloody scenes of horror which you’ve never seen before on the screen. Our video previews a character “kill” makeup design from the Hostel maze while Murdy describes how HHN plans to assault your senses in this in-your-face attraction. As John Murdy says in our interview, “Oh, you’re going to get it all and then you’re going to puke!”

FilmEdge still has more videos on the way from the Halloween Horror Nights 2011 preview event, so please subscribe to our YouTube channel then “Like” and share our John Murdy interview with your fellow haunt and horror fans.


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