It’s alive! MONSTERPALOOZA Magazine Issue 1 about to be unleashed

Issue No. 1 of Monsterpalooza Magazine now available for pre-order, ships September 2011FilmEdge knows there are plenty of monster fans in our reading audience and millions more wandering the foggy moors of the world, so we’re alerting the living (and dead) to the upcoming premiere issue of Monsterpalooza Magazine. Yes, the annual Southern California convention summoning creature cravers from across the globe is now expanding into a printed periodical.

Monsterpalooza Issue No. 1 for Autumn 2011 will boast 96 pages of unnaturally good coverage of leading monster art and artists — and cover to cover it’s all ad-free!  That’s so rare, it’s scary.

The premiere issue covers topics including: Dracula at 80, Mike Hill: the maker of monsters, Apes and more Apes, Frankenstein’s 80th Anniversary, The Fine Art of Vincent Price, KNB EFX: Fright Night fright faces, and much more. Issue No. 1 of Monsterpalooza Magazine is available for pre-order now and will ship September 2011.

The famous Monsterpalooza convention returns to the haunted realm of Burbank, CA April 13-15, 2012 to satisfy your horror hunger in the flesh. Don’t miss out, fans!

Get details on the Monsterpalooza convention April 13-15, 2012 in Burbank, CA


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