Review: CAPTAIN AMERICA is surprisingly strong in heroic character

FilmEdge reviews CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE FIRST AVENGERCAPTAIN AMERICA: THE FIRST AVENGER is the story the Marvel movie adaptations have been waiting for and needed. Director Joe Johnston‘s vision of Cap is an origin story within an origin story, retroactively setting up the bravado behind the IRON MANs, the brawn of THOR and the eventual superhero summit that will be THE AVENGERS in 2012. More importantly, this film is the most character-driven of them all so far, and Chris Evans‘ surprisingly deft and empathetic performance is the true muscle behind the red, white and blue.

Set in the early days of American entry in World War II, the lines delineating good and evil are writ large and boldly around the world. Heroes abound as men and women line up to serve their country and defend freedom for all against the destructive tyranny of Adolph Hitler and his Nazi thugs. Yet diminutive weakling Steve Rogers becomes the unlikeliest of heroes thanks to a top-secret experiment, and the beefed up Super Soldier is set loose to defeat the Hun over there in marvelous Marvel terms.

While not without its flaws, CAPTAIN AMERICA puts heart in all this comic book heroism with splendid 1940s detail and rollicking fun. Read FilmEdge’s full review online now.


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