Correction: *Not* a PROMETHEUS concept art image from Comic-Con 2011

UPDATE 7.28.11 — We’ve received information via comment below that this concept art image is not from Ridley Scott’s PROMETHEUS as shown at Comic-Con, but rather from a short film WE ARE ONE.

This image was posted to the PROMETHEUS Facebook page after they revealed the first image from their film, and with no photo caption details we naturally assumed it was part of the PROMETHEUS presentation at the Con. Not so much.

FilmEdge appreciates the correction and recommends you visit/Like the WE ARE ONE Facebook page for more information on this short film about a manned mission to Mars.

The official PROMETHEUS Facebook page just posted this Hall H screen shot of concept art from Ridley Scott‘s upcoming ALIEN prequel film. This art illustration appears to model the previous generation of space pressure suit, similar in design to white suit Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) wore in her final shuttle ship battle with the Alien creature in Scott’s 1979 horror classic.  No details were given for this image, but stay tuned for more updates. View the first official photo still from PROMETHEUS released earlier today at Comic-Con.

Pressure suit concept art from PROMETHEUS revealed today at Comic-Con 2011


2 thoughts on “Correction: *Not* a PROMETHEUS concept art image from Comic-Con 2011

    • Thanks for the correction and update — I pulled the image from the PROMETHEUS page on Facebook and it had no caption, but followed their debut still from Comic-Con. Couldn’t help but assume they were adding an additional image from their film and not another. Will edit the post to reflect your info.

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