New CAPTAIN AMERICA theatrical trailer debuts online, knocks socks off

Feast your eyes on the new CAPTAIN AMERICA theatrical trailer which finally went live online tonight. It really shows off the film’s potential for embodying the best the Marvel comic franchise and character have to offer cinematically. The 1940s period art direction is superb while the more fantastic elements from the comics are integrated well into the wartime reality of Cappy facing off against the HYDRA supervillains of the Nazi regime. The more FilmEdge sees of Chris Evans as the underdeveloped weakling Steve Rogers, the more he wins us over along with his underdog-on-the-rise story to become an American hero. The scope of the action and production value in the film are shown off to fantastic effect in this new trailer, all the while enhancing the cool factor of Captain America standing between the Red Skull (Hugo Weaving) and global destruction. FilmEdge is officially geeks about CAPTAIN AMERICA, opening in theaters July 22, 2011 from Paramount and Marvel Studios.

Watch the new CAPTAIN AMERICA theatrical trailer on


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