Disney/Pixar revs up a fun, family-friendly sequel in CARS 2

Perfectly geared for this movie season, Disney/Pixar’s CARS 2 revs up a lot of fun, four-wheeling action in this fast paced, family-friendly sequel that is pure light-hearted summer entertainment. Beautifully designed, richly hued scenery sprawling in the background of this World Grand Prix race  melds animation and art in the capable hands of Pixar’s creators, led by the keen eye of director John Lasseter and co-director Brad Lewis. A top-notch cast of actors speak for the cars, led by stand-out Michael Caine as the British spy car Finn McMissile, with franchise stars Owen Wilson and Larry the Cable Guy reprising their roles as Lightning McQueen and Tow Mater. But there are still a couple wrenches in the works, which are discussed with the high points in FilmEdge’s CARS 2 review now online.

FilmEdge reviews Disney/Pixar's high-octane sequel CARS 2, opening in theaters this Friday


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