Review: J.J. Abrams’ SUPER 8 is the soulful film surprise of summer 2011

FilmEdge reviews J.J. Abrams' SUPER 8A storyteller who attempts to revisit the cinematic magic of Steven Spielberg films from the 1970s and ’80s has got to have heart. Miles and miles of it. A secret government freight train full of heart. Writer-director J.J. Abrams has that and some to spare, and his fondly crafted sci-fi thriller SUPER 8 is the most personal, involving film of his career.

Yet to classify the film as a Spielbergian homage sells SUPER 8 very short, as such touches are film nerd frosting on Abrams’ nostalgic tale about a group of childhood friends and budding filmmakers who literally rely on each other for survival amid a small town world of distracted and dysfunctional parents and siblings. His film celebrates that unique age span when a best friend means everything to a kid, a time you would do anything for your friends because they are your anchor in an expanding, confusing universe. SUPER 8 captures that delicate, dangerous moment when young minds and hearts cope with loss and discover love in a surprisingly touching summer film.

Read FilmEdge’s full review of SUPER 8 online now.

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