Review: MGM/Fox’s THE TERMINATOR Digibook Limited Edition Blu-ray

FilmEdge reviews MGM/Fox's THE TERMINATOR Limited Edition Digibook Blu-ray releaseThat chrome-boned monster just won’t die! That’s right, THE TERMINATOR is back in yet another Blu-ray release, this time in a rather skeletal Digibook edition which arrived on store shelves May 10th.

Viewers of this new packaging will find nothing new inside save for the 25-page collectible booklet/storage unit, but MGM/Fox Home Entertainment’s release pales in comparison to the in-depth, fan-pleasing TERMINATOR 2: JUDGMENT DAY Skynet Edition on Blu-ray.

This 2011 Limited Edition Digibook Blu-ray can serve as a suitable entry-level start for the few remaining humans not familiar with THE TERMINATOR film franchise, and if that demographic doesn’t want a lot of bonus features cluttering their disc menu, then MGM/Fox’s single-disc edition fits that bill for certain.

Read FilmEdge’s full review for Blu-ray and Digibook specs.


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