New STAR TOURS – The Adventure Continues video from May 20th early preview

Courtesy of our friend Jay West at World Out West, FilmEdge shares his video the new 3D STAR TOURS – The Adventure Continues now transporting fans across the galaxy at Disneyland’s soft opening for the revised attraction. Jay shot this as the special preview event held at the Anaheim park on May 20th with plenty of other media on-hand to take the first trip.

As you may know, this new version of STAR TOURS uses interactive branching technology to vary the destinations of your journey from trip to trip, so no ride is ever quite the same even if you ride it again and again. Jay’s trip had pilot C-3PO and navigator R2-D2 busting out of an Imperial starship hangar and jumping into hyperspace to arrive at the planet Kashyyk, homeworld of everyone’s favorite Wookiee, Chewbacca. A quick slalom through Kashyyk’s towering forests and then a holographic message from Yoda instructs 3PO to deliver the newly recruited Rebel spy on-board (one of the guest passengers) to safety.  But bounty hunter Boba Fett has other orders, and he chases the StarSpeeder through an asteroid field and into the depths of the newly constructed Death Star.

Jay’s video is shot in HD, though expect the in-ride video on the main screen to look a little blurred since it’s projected for 3D viewing which is camera could not ‘see’, of course.  Our thanks to Jay for sharing his first STAR TOURS adventure, and enjoy this virtual vacation until you can visit the Tomorrowland starports in Anaheim or Orlando yourself.

STAR TOURS is now open at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Walt Disney World in Florida, and the attraction official opens June 3rd at the Disneyland Resort in Southern California.


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