FilmEdge is back in our home office after today’s swashbuckling festivities at Disneyland, covering and attending the World Premiere of PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: ON STRANGER TIDES. Some quick notes for our readers and fans following along:

Video editing will begin tomorrow and Monday, and with luck we’ll have our first video from the PIRATES’ Black Carpet sometime late Monday or early Tuesday. It may take a bit to mix down all the screaming fans on Main Street to hear our interviewed celebrities and filmmakers.

Johnny Depp looked sharp in his black-and-white retro style suit, and co-star Penelope Cruz was a knockout in her elegant gown. Also it was great to see Geoffrey Rush, Ian McShane and Kevin R. McNally among many other cast and celebrities. FilmEdge gained some interesting behind-the-scenes revelations from On Stranger Tides novelist Tim Powers and executive producers Chad Oman and Barry Waldman, plus Walt Disney Imagineering Senior VP of Creative Development Tony Baxter, who gave fans more clues to the upcoming addition of Blackbeard to the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland.

Also, you’ll have to wait until May 16th for FilmEdge to post our review of PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: ON STRANGER TIDES, per Disney’s press embargo on reviews this early before theatrical release. This is standard procedure, so just be patient and we’ll publish as soon as we can. For now, thanks to everyone at Walt Disney Pictures and Disneyland with big ups to the online publicity team and our new press line guides Anna and Suzanne.

Meanwhile, to tide you over, here’s a special extended film clip from the movie for your viewing pleasure:

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