See a preview clip from GAME OF THRONES Episode 2, airing Sunday night

FilmEdge previews Episode 2 of HBO’s new hit drama GAME OF THRONES, which airs Sunday night at 9pm ET/PT. In this preview clip, Daenerys (Emilia Clarke) asks her hand maidens about the history and mythology of dragons, and hears conflicting stories based on a trader’s tale versus the official Dothraki lore about the magical beasts. Having received the gift of three fossilized dragon eggs as her wedding present, Daenerys yearns for an understanding of the dragons which are the sigil image representing the Targaryen family, now exiled and existing only in the lives of her brother Viserys and herself. This is only a hint at the battle for power to rule Westeros looming ahead in this debut season of GAME OF THRONES.


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