Are you ready to play the GAME OF THRONES on HBO tonight?

FilmEdge previews HBO's new drama series GAME OF THRONES which premieres tonightFilmEdge has its eye on the highly anticipated new HBO fantasy-drama GAME OF THRONES, the network’s newest cutting-edge series based on the popular novels of George R.R. Martin which premieres tonight at 9pm ET/PT.

As a fan of HBO’s previous excellent series including TRUE BLOOD, BAND OF BROTHERS, TREME and JOHN ADAMS, we anticipate a skillful, engrossing blend of sword-wielding action, devious political conspiracies, ruthless power grabs, blood, guts and, sure, a good dose of cable-rated sexuality to boot.

Go behind the scenes for the making of the series by watching Preview Videos, and view hi-res images direct from the production sets and locations in our Photo Gallery. Plunder a wealth of posters from our Download Armory to adorn your desktop in royal fashion.

We also recommend the Making GAME OF THRONES production blog to learn the latest details and info about the books, the HBO series and fan comments. Then venture into HBO’s interactive viral website The Maester’s Path to solve puzzles and gather clues which earn you Glue sticker rewards and access to watch secret episode clips from GAME OF THRONES.

Visit FilmEdge’s preview site get the lay of the land in the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros before tonight’s premiere episode Winter is Coming airs and the dramatic and deadly GAME OF THRONES begins!

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