COWBOYS & ALIENS Trailer 2 lands with new invasion scenes and creature shots

Watch the exciting new COWBOYS & ALIENS trailer #2 in 480p HD which premiered on Apple Trailers today, featuring tons of new footage and scenes depicting the triangle of dramatic tension between Lonergan (Daniel Craig), Dolarhyde (Harrison Ford) and Ella (Olivia Wilde), plus action-packed glimpses of the invading alien ships and glimpses of the creatures themselves.

Jon Favreau’s genre-crashing film blends elements of classic western cinema with the high-tech filmmaking of the 21st century: in 1875, the Arizona Territory town of Absolution discovers a nameless stranger in their midst who precedes an invasion from the sky as an extraterrestrial attack force wreaks havoc on the unprepared citizens. COWBOYS & ALIENS opens in theaters July 29.

Daniel Craig investigates a mysterious attack from above in Jon Favreau's COWBOYS & ALIENS

Olivia Wilde and Daniel Craig under attack in Jon Favreau's COWBOYS & ALIENS


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