Review: THE INCREDIBLES one of Disney/Pixar’s best debuts on Blu-ray

After a long but worthwhile wait since it first bounded into theaters in 2004, Disney/Pixar’s energetic THE INCREDIBLES makes its Blu-ray debut today in a 4-disc Combo Pack release which shows off the film’s dynamic visual style, superhero action and joyful humor. Director Brad Bird blends the cinematic sensibility of Bond films with the imaginative potential of animation for an Academy Award-winning triumph finally coming home in glorious high-definition. Entertainingly voiced by actors Craig T. Nelson, Holly Hunter, Jason Lee and Samuel L. Jackson among others, the Incredibles rank among the studio’s most dynamic and distinctive characters ever animated.

THE INCREDIBLES takes full advantage of two Blu-ray discs with a superb feature film transfer plus interactive and entertaining bonus features (old and new). Pushing the boundaries of animated films in the long line of Disney/Pixar blockbuster hits, Bird’s delightfully retro take on cinematic superhero action, memorable characters and deft comedy is a must-see winner all ages will enjoy for keeps.

FilmEdge reviews Disney/Pixar's superhero hit THE INCREDIBLES on 4-disc Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack


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