Clues to finding 9 Easter Eggs on TRON:LEGACY Blu-ray disc

In FilmEdge’s review of the TRON:LEGACY 5-disc 3D/Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack, we previewed the TRON:LEGACY bonus features and hinted at some clues to discovering more. Now, on the eve of TRON:LEGACY and TRON’s Blu-ray debut, we deliver clues to help you find the complete list of hidden Easter Eggs exclusively on the TRON:LEGACY Blu-ray disc and preview what you’ll see when you access them.

Discover these hidden clips and you’ll get a look at the origins of the Flynn Lives movement, the return of Alan Bradley as ENCOM CEO, and a trip back in time with ENCOM’s iconic video game. But you’ll only find FilmEdge’s clues in our full website article online now, anticipating the arrival of TRON:LEGACY and TRON on Blu-ray and DVD Combo Packs this Tuesday!

Will you score the nine hidden Easter Egg extras on the TRON:LEGACY Blu-ray disc?

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