Review: TRON LEGACY 3D/TRON Blu-ray set will electrify fans in 5-disc collection

FilmEdge's first look reviews of TRON:LEGACY and TRON are online nowFans and programs, your wait is over as Disney releases its ultimate two-movie collection with the 5-disc TRON:LEGACY/Original TRON in a 3D Blu-ray/Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack. TRON:LEGACY and the classic TRON Special Edition arrive in stores on April 5th, but FilmEdge has your first look early review of the massive 5-disc collection featuring both films and a detailed look at all the bonus features.

Fans, your wait to enjoy both chapters (so far) of the TRON franchise together has ended, and the sheer quantity and quality of disc editions and bonus features should electrify users and programs alike across the grid. Read FilmEdge’s in-depth reviews of both TRON:LEGACY and the original TRON in this ultimate 5-disc set before they hit the street, and pre-order your copies today.

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