Plunder the new PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN Penelope Cruz poster

Get the new Penelope Cruz PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN poster at FilmEdge.netFilmEdge called it in our article from March 14th when we anticipated the new Jack Sparrow poster would usher in a series of character posters for PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: ON STRANGER TIDES, and today Disney confirmed this with their official release of the Angelica design poster.

As Angelica, Penelope Cruz looks alluring and lethal as Blackbeard’s pirate daughter, ready for action with swords in-hand. As in Jack’s poster, a furious sea battle rages in the background under stormy skies at sunset.

This second official hi-res release in two days joins Johnny Depp‘s Captain Jack poster (also available in hi-res) though the designs do not join exactly as integrated pieces of a quad-style set as we thought they might. Small matter, since the character poster series if a winner already and FilmEdge fully expects to see Ian McShane as Blackbeard in third poster very soon. But you can download your own high-resolution Angelica poster image now from our PIRATES 4 Treasure Hold on


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