BATTLE: LOS ANGELES fires a barrage of genre movie cliches

Aaron Eckhart wages an uphill fight in BATTLE: LOS ANGELESJonathan Liebesman‘s sci-fi action flick about an alien army invading Earth and the Marine platoon defending Los Angeles gets by on its looks but shoots itself in the foot due to a script riddled with war movie clichés. Of course humanity prevails in the end, but BATTLE: LOS ANGELES falls short amid a barrage of thinly-conceived characters on a mission to revisit every plot plug-in from Irwin Allen disasters and The Duke’s World War II films. The streamlined story puts you directly in the heat of the battle right away, and Aaron Eckhart does his best to lead his platoon (and this film) out of harm’s way, but will that be enough to win the battle of the box office this weekend? Read FilmEdge’s full review to find out more.


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