Poll: Which movie do you pick to win Best Picture at the #Oscars?

While Hollywood talk favors one film of 2010 to win the Oscar as Best Picture tonight, the FilmEdge review staff split our prediction votes: Joan sticks to her belief that TOY STORY 3 was indeed the best film of the year, while Scott chose THE KING’S SPEECH to be crowned with the golden statue tonight. Yet with 10 nominees in a competitive field, do you predict a different film to be named Best Picture at the 83rd Academy Awards?

Like it or hate it, was BLACK SWAN exciting and controversial enough to get your vote, or was the feel good modern family drama THE KIDS ARE ALL RIGHT your pick of the year for its social commentary? Were you so hooked by the mind-bending puzzle of Christopher Nolan’s INCEPTION to make it your dream pick, or would you cut your arm off to see 127 HOURS grab the gold? The rough but compelling independent film WINTER’S BONE received four nominations, but will that be enough to prevail? FilmEdge considered TRUE GRIT one of the Coen brothers’ best films in years, so might it capture the Oscar tonight? Did THE FIGHTER‘s multiple nominations including three acting nods make it a contender for the championship, or will the timely cautionary tale of THE SOCIAL NETWORK define Oscar’s Best Picture for the year?

Make your own pick and name the Best Picture on your Oscar ballot:


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