Jon Favreau premieres COWBOYS & ALIENS Super Bowl trailer via Twitter

Director Jon Favreau isn’t going to make fans wait to see the new Super Bowl commercial for his genre-mashing COWBOYS & ALIENS: earlier he Tweeted a link to view it online now via YouTube.  Watch it below now:

FilmEdge’s first look review of the commercial: while short of story revelation, this 30-second spot certainly shows off the film’s high-concept collision of a gritty western and a sci-fi alien invasion flick. Daniel Craig should do well as Lonergan,  the mysterious stranger in town apparently caught between these two worlds. Harrison Ford‘s age and demeanor should round out the cantankerous Colonel Dolarhyde who rules the small town of Absolution in 1875 — at least until a new threat wreaks havoc from above. We don’t hear much from Olivia Wilde as Ella, but we certainly get a good-if-tastefully-obscured glimpse of her in the buff while all hell breaks loose in Absolution.

This TV spot is a good hook to engage its target audience during the big game today, though we certainly look forward to a full theatrical trailer coming in the next couple months.


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