Roger Corman Sci-Fi triple feature tops DVD cult classic reviews this week

FilmEdge reviews the Roger Corman Sci-Fi Triple Feature DVDFilmEdge reviews five new Roger Corman cult classics now available on DVD this week, including a stellar 2-disc collection of rare 1950s sci-fi delights and a monstrous double feature from the 1970s/80s.

The triple bill featuring ATTACK OF THE CRAB MONSTERS, WAR OF THE SATELLITES and NOT OF THIS EARTH show off Corman’s early B-movie producer/director skills at their retro-style best. Shout! Factory offers all-new film transfers of these titles including two widescreen editions which have these modest yet charming flicks looking and sounding better than ever on DVD. The unsettling menace of Paul Birch and his glassy white eyes as a cosmic vampire in NOT OF THIS EARTH holds up well for vintage black-and-white creeps. Be sure to watch for Corman-favorite character actor Dick Miller appearing in two of these sci-fi gems as well. This 2-disc set also gives fans and collectors two new audio commentary tracks by genre historians and some rare TV syndication prologue clips to boost this DVD collection’s value even higher.

FilmEdge reviews the Roger Corman Cult Classic Monster double featureLess successful are the monster double feature efforts of UP FROM THE DEPTHS and DEMON OF PARADISE, two schlocky tropical tales of man-eating creatures arisen from the ocean floor to devour island resorts bursting with silly tourists, amoral hotel managers and scantily clad models. Likely these titles will hold interest only for Corman’s most devoted fans and movie collectors, but ours is not to reason why, ours is only to review and blog!

Check out our in-depth coverage of both these new Roger Corman DVD releases now available, including complete bonus feature listings and photo gallery.


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