STAR WARS: FRAMES a rare collectible of moments chosen by George Lucas himself

While many movie fans have wrapped up their holiday shopping for the season, those of you STAR WARS devotees flush with Republic credits may want to pre-order this very rare, limited edition high-end collectible for yourself or the favorite Rebel in your life: the six-volume STAR WARS:FRAMES collection gather over 1,400 still images from all six films in the saga, personally chosen by the film series creator George Lucas himself.

Pre-order a piece of movie history - STAR WARS: FRAMES Limited Edition signed by George Lucas

Contained in a finely detailed, Arts and Crafts-style maple-wood case flanked by sculpted emblems of Darth Vader and Yoda on either side, each of the photo books inside represent over 230 of the most dramatically iconic and cinematically exciting moments from all six STAR WARS films. More than 1,400 still images span the entire saga, with facing images specifically chosen to compliment or contrast each other thematically.

The limited edition run of STAR WARS:FRAMES is set for a total of 1,138 copies, with each numbered edition featuring a bookplate signed by George Lucas. Each leather-bound volume measures 22″ by 11″ with large-format film frame still images presented in their original widescreen aspect ratio from the feature films.

Concept art sample of interior image pages from STAR WARS: FRAMES limited edition collection now available for pre-order

This one-of-a-kind rare movie collectible will be available for pre-order at beginning January 8, 2011, yet you can reserve your copy now at Sideshow Collectibles with a $250 deposit on your pre-order . . . but don’t delay as Sideshow’s inventory will be limited to 500 pieces of the 1,138 total production run!  While the $3,000 price is high, your purchase ensures you will own a personalized, custom-made piece of STAR WARS film history as created and designed by the Jedi master himself, George Lucas.


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