Exclusive first look at PIRATES 4 3D trailer

FilmEdge just saw the early morning world premiere exclusive Fans First screening of the PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: ON STRANGER TIDES 3D trailer.

Quick review: the 3D looks quite effective for the film so far. Johnny Depp picks up right where he left off in top Jack Sparrow form. Ian McShane looks good as Blackbeard, the “pirate all pirates fear.” Penelope Cruz knows how to handle a sword and will have plenty of chance to cross blades with Jack.

Beware: there be spoilers here:

There be mermaids in these waters and they are not friendly. Director Rob Marshall says they’re “man-eating mermaids,” a far cry from friendly Ariel though as alluring as the legends of the sea sirens tells.

Jack’s quest for the Fountain of Youth is filled with peril including zombies and the dreaded Barbossa who has switched sides and is now one the King’s men (with a peg leg or two this time around).

Photos and more reporting live from Disneyland coming soon!


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