Daft Punk’s TRON:LEGACY soundtrack one of 2010’s best film scores

Delicate and scintillating as a microcircuit yet bold and daring as a high-speed Light Cycle chase, Daft Punk‘s dramatically integrated and towering original score for TRON:LEGACY is an immediate entry among top soundtracks of the year and merits Best Score nominations in the year-end cinema trophy season.

Given the film’s audacious and awe-inspiring 3D visual effects and sumptuous, glowing futurist designs, one might not expect the score to stand up to TRON:LEGACY’s cutting edge vision. Yet the uncanny combination of Daft Punk’s electro sizzle and orchestral power not only matches the sprawling vistas and speeding races of light, it enhances and unifies the virtual fantasy with its very human drama. This score is one of those rare and delightful score achievements in which what the ears hear expands that which the eyes see.

While musician/DJs Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter and their tempo-pounding style of house music may have been an obvious choice to score the silicon-inspired reality of TRON:LEGACY, they may not have been the expected one given their Grammy-winning records’ definitive dance rhythms. Yet Steven Lisberger’s original film TRON was a strong childhood influence on Christo, at least partially inspiring the self-illuminated robotic look of their costumes as well as the synthesized sound of their music. Though updated and vastly expanded in aural scope, Daft Punk’s 22-track score links back to the 1980s sound of TRON composer Wendy Carlos while ingeniously weaving together house music’s flash and a 100-piece orchestra’s thunder.

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FilmEdge reviews Daft Punk's masterful TRON:LEGACY original soundtrack


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