FilmEdge reviews THE WALKING DEAD Season Finale

FilmEdge reviews the season finale of AMC's THE WALKING DEADThe search for answers lead Deputy Grimes and the survivors to the CDC but the stark truths resulting from the apocalyptic research revealed the darkest secret of THE WALKING DEAD in its sixth episode season finale, which debuted on AMC Sunday night at 10pm. The series, helmed by writer/director Frank Darabont and executive producer Gale Anne Hurd, never once pulled its horror punches for television and has renewed the zombie genre in bold fashion.

Read FilmEdge’s season finale review and catch up on the series in reruns if you haven’t already been hooked. There is plenty of time for new viewers to start the show from scratch, just make sure your scratch doesn’t get infected lest you join the ranks of THE WALKING DEAD!

The fight to survive THE WALKING DEAD continues, and thankfully so will another season of this excellent horror series when Season Two begins sometime in October 2011. Our zombie appetites so whetted by this show, ten months seems like a very long wait, but at least Season One is now available for pre-order on DVD and Blu-ray from Amazon, shipping March 8th of next year.

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