WAKING SLEEPING BEAUTY an animated Disney documentary

Roughly one year after FilmEdge got the opportunity to attend the Hollywood family and friends screening of Don Hahn and Peter Schneider’s clever and controversial documentary WAKING SLEEPING BEAUTY, we’re happy to announce their fond yet hard-hitting celebration of Disney’s animation renaissance now arrives on DVD November 30th. Devoted fans and casual movie viewers should not miss this candid, entertaining and still critical look at the studio’s unprecedented decade of success animating feature films and the eclectic, often combative people who made them . . . and how they almost didn’t make them at all.

Audiences in theaters and at home never seem to satiate their hunger for Disney and Pixar animated films, yet so few can or will take the opportunity to discover how these cinematic wonders spark into existence. Don Hahn and Peter Schneider have now done all the ground work research for them, delivering their exceptional and energetic documentary on the renewal of Walt Disney’s quest to advance the art of animation, skillfully illustrated by familiar scenes and characters from Disney blockbuster classics.

Read FilmEdge’s review of WAKING SLEEPING BEAUTY which debuts on DVD November 30th and don’t miss out on this look behind the walls of Walt’s animation empire.

FilmEdge reviews WAKING SLEEPING BEAUTY on DVD, available November 30th


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