Review: THE ART OF TRON:LEGACY a dazzling design feast

Anticipating the hotly awaited theatrical release of Disney’s film, THE ART OF TRON:LEGACY details in lavish, plentiful images how designers and visualists created the conceptual art defining the look of this glowing futurist fantasy world.

Written by the film’s co-producer Justin Springer with an introduction by production designer Darren Gilford and afterword by director Joe Kosinski, THE ART OF TRON:LEGACY is large-size hardback proudly shows off 160 pages of digital paintings, photographs and film stills from both 1982’s TRON and TRON:LEGACY to illustrate the sequel’s design lineage direct from the iconic original and how new design concepts evolved since. As the best of these making-of movie art books do, this volume is a splendid and beautiful journey into the world of Tron simply flipping pages and feasting your eyes on a couple hundred paintings and designs from the film — just a fraction of the hundreds more pieces of art created.

Read our full book review on and consider ordering it for your favorite film fan this holiday.



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