Daniel Craig stars in new COWBOYS & ALIENS teaser trailer

Today Yahoo Movies debuted the new teaser trailer for COWBOYS & ALIENS from Universal Pictures, starring Daniel Craig, Harrison Ford, Olivia Wilde and Sam Rockwell. Jake Longergan, a stranger with no memory, awakens in the desert town of Absolution, Arizona with a mysterious glowing shackle on his wrist. The town people reject Jake but their survival might depend on him as Absolution is about to face destruction under the atttack of an alien invasion. Director Jon Favreau‘s adapation of the genre-bending western/sci-fi graphic novel opens in theaters July 29, 2011.  Watch the COWBOYS & ALIENS trailer now on FilmEdge.net.

Daniel Craig in COWBOYS & ALIENS. Photo by Universal Pictures.



2 thoughts on “Daniel Craig stars in new COWBOYS & ALIENS teaser trailer

  1. Looks like a lot of fun, but I just hope the film can surpass it’s silly premise of having aliens, in a old-Western setting. To me it’s kind of funny seeing cowboys being captured by space-ships.

    • Agreed. I didn’t know about the graphic novel but it sold very well in its original release, so I’m assuming there is more to it than just the genre mash-up of westerns and alien invasions. I wasn’t an Iron Man fan before Favreau’s first film either. We’ll see.

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